Centralise, optimise and digitalise your

Purchase negotiations and commercial agreements

Manage your commercial
agreements from A to Z

Collaborate online with your
network of suppliers via Cloobiz.com

Organisational structure

Set up your organizational structure, whether simplified or more complex, with several central trading units grouping various companies together by region and brand, subdivided into sales outlets, …

Product repository

Base your negotiation management on a complete supplier-product repository.

Centralized management of commercial agreements

Centralize and digitize all data and documents relating to annual negotiations with your hundreds or thousands of suppliers.

Creating and calculating conditions

Don’t limit your negotiating creativity, and visualize the value of your back margins at all times.

Digital signature of contracts

Generate PDF supplier contracts based on templates, including negotiated purchasing conditions.

Follow-up of counterparties

Ensure the follow-up of services to be provided in return for negotiated cooperation conditions, at general or product level, as well as their contractualization and invoicing;

Billing of back margins

Invoice everything that has been negotiated;

Data analysis

Decide on the basis of your data. Analyze your back margins and associated metrics. All useful data is put into perspective and at your fingertips for analysis and decision support.

Collaborate digitally with your suppliers

Via the supplier portal Cloobiz.com, integrate your supplier network efficiently and seamlessly into your Negoview processes;

Your benefits

Challenges of managing commercial negotiations
in the distribution sector.

Negoview Performance

and profitability

You'll improve the management and performance of your trading unit, and have a clear view of the profitability of a product, a product range or an entire supplier;

Negoview networking

Size and

You can effortlessly manage the volume of suppliers, products, contracts, invoices and give free rein to your negotiating creativity through a catalog of conditions covering all possible variants in terms of calculation basis (purchase, sale), calculation unit, etc...

Negoview juridique

Formalisation and
legal compliance

You automatically document the content of your negotiations in supplier contracts, and ensure ongoing legal compliance in the face of pressure from legislators imposing ever more regulations on purchasing conditions;

Negoview Finance

Transparency and
financial security

You can centralize the content of all negotiations with your suppliers in complete transparency, and secure your cash flow by ensuring that all amounts covered by these negotiations are correctly invoiced;

Our SaaS offer

We support you in customizing our solution in our cloud environment, as well as in the agile integration with your internal referencing and financial systems